Today, we live in a connected world. Everywhere, anytime, on multiple screens.

Connected World

And whatever we do, we leave a digital footprint.


of all existing data was generated within the last 2 years.

Kopf Rad

More and more behavioral data is created every day.

Most of the time it makes using the internet more



Data helps companies to understand consumer behavior.


And optimize communication initiatives by implementing tags from other companies.

But Sometimes

tags are just forgotten and are like sleeper agents in a piece of code.

Sleeper Agent

They continue to collect data that is stored and may be used without your knowledge.


So it is very important to have a keen eye on what is truly happening.

Do you know how many tags are on your website?

Are they collecting data for you or for others?

Where does the data go and what is the value for the company and the consumer?

Does your company make full use of data driven marketing?

Do you have a data strategy in place?


The answers to these questions are vital for your business

Find out what’s going on your platform.

It’s simple!
And it can be eye-opening.

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